C Programmming Resources for CSC173, and beyond)

C Programmming Resources
(for CSC173, and beyond)

George Ferguson

Last update: Fall 2023

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License

C for Java Programmers

Already know how to program in Java? Want to learn how to program in C? The following were written just for you:

C Development Environments

Need a C development environment? Here are notes on and links to a number of different setups that I have tried.

I STRONGLY recommend that Computer Science students learn how to use the command-line, starting in CSC173 if not earlier.

But if you want to use a graphical IDE for C Programming: for C beginners in CSC173, I currently (Summer 2023) recommend CLion.

Quick links: IDE | Command-line/Terminal

Integrated Development Environments

Command-line (a.k.a. Terminal, shell, command prompt, ...)

It is A Good Idea for Computer Science students to know how to use a command-line. CSC173 is the perfect opportunity to learn that before your more advanced core courses and electives that require it. Carpe diem.

See also Installing a C Compiler for more notes and instructions.