Jianbo Yuan

Department of Computer Science
University of Rochester
Email: jyuan10(AT)cs(DOT)rochester(DOT)edu


I am a fifth year PhD student in the Department of Computer Science at University of Rochester, advised by Prof. Jiebo Luo. I obtained my M.S. degree from the ECE department at University of Rochester in 2014, and B.E. degree from Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT) in 2012.

My research interests include: Deep Learning in Multimodal Analysis. Recently, I mainly focused on public health care and wellness, and social multi-media. Expected to graduate in September, 2019, and I am currently seeking for full-time job opportunies, please find my CV .

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  • Interns & Teaching


    Futuerwei EI Cloud Lab, Internship, Sep - Dec 2018. Advisor: Jiebo Luo.
    Philips Research America, Internship, May - Aug 2018. Advisor: Amir Tahmasebi.
    Samsung Research America, Internship, Feb - Jul 2017. Advisor: Hongxia Jin.
    Careerbuilder Search Data Science Team, Internship, Jun - Aug 2016. Advisor: Khalifeh AlJadda.
    TCL Research America, Multimedia Lab, Visiting Researcher, Jun 2015 - May 2016. Advisor: Haohong Wang, Jiebo Luo.

    Teaching Assistant

    CSC 440 Data Mining, Fall 2016. Instructor: Jiebo Luo
    CSC 440 Data Mining, Fall 2015. Instructor: Jiebo Luo
    CSC 161 The Art of Programming, Spring 2015. Instructor: Richard Sarkis


    CSC 577 Intro to Data Mining. Instructor: Jiebo Luo
    CSC 446 Mathematical Foundation of A.I. Instructor: Danial Gildea
    CSC 449 Machine Vision. Instructor: Jiebo Luo
    CSC 412 Human Computer Interaction. Instructor: M. Ehsan Hoque
    CSC 400 Problem Seminar. Instructor: Randal C. Nelso
    CSC 412 Operating System. Instructor: John Criswell
    CSC 486 Computational Complexity. Instructor: Joel Seiferas
    CSC 458 Parallel and Distributed System. Instructor: Sandhya Dwarkadas
    CSC 486 Advanced Algorithms. Instructor: Daniel Stefankovic
    ECE 492 Network Science Analytics. Instructor: Gonzalo Mateos
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