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Hi I'm Jie, a CS grad student doing Systems Research, mainly focusing on computer security. My advisor is Prof. John Criswell (a really hardcore systems guy).

I graduated from Xiamen University, and got my Master's degree from the University of Rochester. I'm enjoying my PhD life in fantastic Rochester NY, a place where you can always say "Winter is coming." or "Winter is here."!

Now I'm
working on a project that uses SFI and CFI techniques to mitigate the hot Spectre attacks.
working on a project aiming to protect the control flow of applications and OS running on real-time embedded ARM devices.
a Microsoft Research Intern, working on the Checked C project. I'm trying to to enhance Checked C with temporal memory safety.
I'm also working on using machine instruction transformation techniques to protect the control flow of programs running on embedded devices.
Now I'm interning in the Cloud and Infrastructure Security group of Microsoft Research.
working on the Checked C project to make it robust against Use-After-Free bugs.

Be alert, for your software is buggy and full of vulnerabilities!