Class Policies

This class will be taught without lectures. Lectures are inefficient and ineffective. The teaching method of a professor giving a lecture while students took notes was invented during the Middle Ages because books were rare and expensive. Studies have shown that most students learn almost nothing from lectures.

This course uses an excellent textbook. Instead of listening to lectures, you will read sections of the textbook. In order to help you read carefully and with understanding, you will write outlines of the reading assignments.

What will take place during class time?

Course Structure

Each week is structured as follows:


Your final grade is based on your outlines (1/3), weekly quiz grades (1/3), midterm exam (1/6), and final exam (1/6).

Outlines will be graded on a 3 point scale as follows:

During the semester, you may turn one outline in late without penalty, and miss one quiz without penalty. In order to claim this privilege, you must notify me in writing.


If you are seriously ill and unable to complete an assignment or attend a quiz, please notify me as soon as possible. In order to excuse either, you will be required to provide proof that you saw a doctor for your illness. If you are required to miss class because of serious illness in your family, please be prepared to provide a written, signed statement to that effect.

Travel for University Sponsored Events

If you are required to travel for a university sponsored event, such as an student research conference, an athletic event, or musicial performance, and therefore unable to attend class on a quiz day, you must notify me in advance so that we can make appropriate arrangements for taking the quiz remotely or at another time. Note that such travel is not an excuse for failing to turn in assignments electronically.

Religious Holidays

I have tried to avoid significant religious holidays in scheduling quizes and exams, please see the course calendar. If there is an holiday that I have missed, and your religious beliefs prevent you from working on that day, you must contact me in advance so that we can make appropriate arrangements.

Other Reasons

No reasons other than those specified above are acceptable for missing assignments, quizzes, or exams.

Accomodations for Disabilities

If you require an accomodation for a disability, such as extra time for tests, please let me know as soon possible so that we can make appropriate arrangements.

Academic Honesty

The only opportunity for cheating in this class is by collaborating on or stealing the textbook reading outlines. Don't do it. I will not try to judge claims that you accidently turned in someone one's file that was left on the computer you were using, etc. All cases will be reported to the university, period.