Mobility Map

Understanding human mobility at global scale.

Henry Kautz, Brian Dickenson (Computer Science)
Gourab Ghosal, Hugo Barbosa, Surendra Hazarie (Physics)
Jose Javier Ramasco, Aleix Bassolas (IFISC)

usa map


Brian Dickinson, Gourab Ghoshal, Xerxes Dotiwalla, Adam Sadilek, and Henry Kautz (2020). Inferring Nighttime Satellite Imagery from Human Mobility. Thirty-Fourth AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI 2020), New York, NY, Feb. 2020.

Aleix Bassolas, Hugo Barbosa-Filho, Brian Dickinson, Xerxes Dotiwalla, Paul Eastham, Riccardo Gallotti, Gourab Ghoshal, Bryant Gipson, Surendra A. Hazarie, Henry Kautz, Onur Kucuktunc, Allison Lieber, Adam Sadilekm and José J. Ramasco (2019). Hierarchical organization of urban mobility and its connection with city livability. Nature Communications, Vol. 10, Article No. 4817, 2019.