Lingxiang Xiang

Lingxiang Xiang (项凌翔)

Ph.D. in Computer Science
Department of Computer Science
University of Rochester

Email: lingxiang.xiang [at] gmail [dot-com]

I've graduated in July 2015. I'm now a researcher at Intel's Parallel Computing Lab.

I was a graduate student at URCS, working with Professor Michael Scott in the Systems Group. Prior to coming to UR, I got my BS and MS degrees in Computer Science from Zhejiang University, China.

My research interests lie in parallel computing and hardware/software cooperation, with an emphasis on compiler support for speculation techniques in transactional memory and synchronization.

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Life Outside Work

I spend most of my spare time reading. I maintain a life-long reading list for myself, hoping that it could be finished as early as possible so I could start another life happily. I am also a big fan of Woody Allen's movies and the longest run cartoon series, the Simpons.