Pengcheng Li

L-Series Tools

  • A window-based object lifetime analysis tool for tuning the best heap size and nursery space size of generational GC. Please refer to ISMM'14, MSPC'14, MSPC'13
  • To appear at this winter

  • A precise and efficient GPU race detection tool. Please refer to WoDet'14
  • To appear at this winter

  • A lightweight and performance sensitive speculative parallelization library for array-oriented programs
  • Copyright @ NEC American Laboratories

  • A real-time (low overhead) and arbitrary (any address space) code-block placement tool in the granularities of functions and basic-blocks
  • In progress, not published yet

  • A static and automatic compiler optimization tool with global function-layout and across-procedure basic-block layout integrated built on strong link-path based affinity hierarchy. Please refer to ICPP'14
  • To appear at this winter, copyright @ Futurewei (Huawei U.S. Research Lab at Santa Clara)