Rupam Acharyya


About me

I am a PhD student in the Computer Science department of the University of Rochester working with Dr. Daniel Štefankovič. My PhD thesis focuses on designing sampling and counting algorithms for graphical models. I also work on developing probabilistic models for various applications in Machine Learning (e.g., Fairness in AI, Mental Health Prediction from Web Data, Neural Network Pruning etc.).
I am currently looking for full time positions. You can find my CV here.



  • 2020

    1. R. Acharyya, and Daniel Štefankovič. Approximating Independence Polynomial for Random Dense Graphs with Complex Parameter (In prep).
    2. R. Acharyya, B. Zhang, S. Das and Daniel. Štefankovič. Neural Network Pruning with Determinantal Point Process (In prep).
    3. R. Acharyya, S. Das, A. Chattoraj and I. Tanveer. FairyTED: A Fair Rating Predictor for TED Talk Data (AAAI 2020).
  • 2019

    1. R. Acharyya, S. Das, K. Hasan, A. Chattoraj, I. Tanveer and E. Hoque. Fairness in Rating Prediction by Awareness of Verbal and Gesture Quality of Public Speeches (Under Review).
    2. R. Acharyya*, S. Das*, A. Chattoraj, O. Sengupta and I. Tanveer. Social Bias in TED Talk Rating (Under review).
    3. A.Z. Rony*, R. Acharyya*, B. Zhang, H. Kautz, V. Silenzio and E. Hoque. Aggregating Search Logs and Self-esteem for Identifying Individuals with History of Suicide Ideation (Under review)
    4. A.Z. Rony, R. Acharyya, H. Kautz and V. Silenzio. Detecting Low Self-Esteem in youths from Web Search Data (WWW 2019).
  • 2014 - 2018

    1. R. Acharyya*, A.Chattoraj*, S. Shivakumar*, R.Ali* and I.Tanveer. To be or not to be? A Spatial Predictive Crime Model for Rochester (Won 3rd position in the data competition of UPSTAT 2018).
    2. R. Acharyya and Daniel Štefankovič. Glauber Dynamics for Ising Model on Convergent Dense Graph Sequences (RANDOM 2017).
    3. Y. Zhang, R. Acharyya, J. Liu and B. Gong. Infinite-Label Learning with Semantic Output Codes (arxiv)
    4. R. Acharyya, S. Chakroborty and N. Jha.Counting Number of Popular Matchings in House Allocation Problem (CSR 2014)


Teaching Experience

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