CSC 162 Lecture Notes

This directory contains the lecture notes for CSC 162.  I'll be developing
these as the semester goes along.

I make them available with some hesitation.  My concern is that they are
meant primarily for me to lecture from, not for students to read.
    I don't spell everything out clearly.
    I include notes to myself.
    I sometimes include material that I don't get around to talking about.
    I sometimes talk about things that aren't in the notes.
    I sometimes make mistakes in the notes that I correct on the fly in class.

At the same time
    Some of you can't help being absent from time to time.
    The notes emphasize the material that is likely to be on the exams.
    If you have an outline already you may be able to get more out of

Therefore, PLEASE treat the notes as if they came with a typical open
source license:
    This stuff is made available in the hope that somebody will find it
    useful.  No guarantee is made, however, that it is good for anything
    in particular.  Use at your own risk.