PLP Errata

As of October 2003 Programming Language Pragmatics is in the fifth printing of its first edition. To tell which printing you have, check the copyright page. Three lines below the copyright symbol there is a line of numbers. If the last number is a 1 you have the first printing. If the last number is a 2 you have the second printing. If the last number is a 3 you have the third printing, etc.

First through fifth printings

First through fourth printings only

First, second, and third printings only

First and second printing only

First printing only

Thanks to the following for help in catching these mistakes: Anthony Adachi, Manuel E. Bermudez, John Boyland, Brian Cumming, Stephen A. Edward, Michael J. Eulenstein, Andrey Garbanzo, Eileen Head, Paul Ilardi, Lucian Ilie, Eric Joanis, Les Lander, Hui Li, Jingke Li, Esteban Meneses, Eduardo Pinheiro, Zongyan Qiu, Nick Stuifbergen, Ray Toal, Andrew Tolmach, Jens Troeger, Robbert vanRenesse.

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