Hi. I'm Wei Xiong.

I am a first year Ph.D. candidate at Department of Computer Science, University of Rochester. My advisor is Prof. Jiebo Luo. My research interests include Computer Vision and Machine Learning. For more details, see my [CV] here.

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Computer Vision

Deep Unsupervised Networks

multi-layer unsupervised neural networks for image classification.

Stochastic Decorrelated Constraint

stochastic decorrelated constraints for convolutional neural networks.

Rich and Robust Feature Pooling

rich and robust feature pooling in unsupervised feature learning systems.



ArXiv Preprint

Wei Xiong, Wenhan Luo, Lin Ma, Wei Liu, and Jiebo Luo. Learning to generate time-lapse videos using multi-stage dynamic generative adversarial networks. ArXiv preprint arXiv:1709.07592, 2017.

Pattern Recognition

Wei Xiong, Lefei Zhang, Bo Du, Dacheng Tao. Combining local and global: Rich and robust feature pooling for visual recognition. Pattern Recognition 62: 225-235 (2017)

Trans. Cybernetics

Bo Du, Wei Xiong, Jia Wu, Lefei Zhang, Liangpei Zhang, Dacheng Tao: Stacked Convolutional Denoising Auto-Encoders for Feature Representation. IEEE Trans. Cybernetics 47(4): 1017-1027 (2017)



Fengling Mao, Wei Xiong, Bo Du, Lefei Zhang: Stochastic Decorrelation Constraint Regularized Auto-Encoder for Visual Recognition. MMM (2) 2017: 368-380


Wei Xiong, Bo Du, Lefei Zhang, Ruimin Hu, Dacheng Tao: Regularizing Deep Convolutional Neural Networks with a Structured Decorrelation Constraint. ICDM 2016: 519-528


Wei Xiong, Bo Du, Lefei Zhang, Liangpei Zhang, Dacheng Tao: Denoising auto-encoders toward robust unsupervised feature representation. IJCNN 2016: 4721-4728


Wei Xiong, Bo Du, Lefei Zhang, Ruimin Hu, Wei Bian, Jialie Shen, Dacheng Tao: R2FP: Rich and Robust Feature Pooling for Mining Visual Data. ICDM 2015: 469-478


CSC 400 Program Seminar

ITRG Mini-Proposal [PDF]

CSC 440 Data Mining

Project: to be updated.

CSC 456 Operating Systems

Project: to be updated.


Email: wei.xiong@rochester.edu OR wxiongwhu@gmail.com

Office: Room 3602, Wegmans Hall, University of Rochester.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.