Facilitating Success

We Care!

To facilitate your success in learning CSC160 materials and in your future life, and to facilitate our success in teaching and mentoring, CSC160 offers regular Success Facilitation Surveys (SFSs).

SFSs are simple 3- or 5-minute surveys, offered as often as once (or possibly more than once) per class, at an appropriate point in the lecture. SFSs cover material you have seen fairly recently (the day's reading, for example), or very recently (the day's lecture, for example).

You submit your SFSs in hardcopy. Please bring paper to each lecture for preparing your survey. They are signed and handed in immediately. No use of notes, books, or computers. SFS grades are included in the CSC course grade, so it's to your advantage to use them as often as possible. There are no makeups for any reason.

Grading is as follows.
0 nothing handed in
1 only signature is right
2 some awareness of issues
3 close to grasping the concept
4 perfect

This scheme is like homework marks, but with more resolution and no extra credit.

The weight of SFS grades in the course is given in the Grading Policy

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Last Change: 03/25/2011