Data Acquisition Reference

Nat. Inst. USB-6009 User Guide and Specifications .

Data Acquisition Software Reference Sources

It may be that the lecture powerpoints and the following matlab quick reference guide are all you need to know about data acquisition. DAQ Toolbox Quick Reference .

DAQ User's Guide has lots of good stuff in its 774 pages. It can reinforce general concepts from lecture as well as to go more extensively into the details of the DAQ toolbox than we see in the Quick Reference.

The DAQ reading at DAQ Reading gives you some directions for what's important here: Basically, skipping details on underlying hardware, software, and features we don't need Freshman year, we still have a lot: most of Chapter 1, 2-19 thru 2-25, 3 you should know cold. Chapters 4, 6, 8 have vital info you should at least know how to find and use. Appendix D has examples (and there are also some on line, available somehow I don't know...). For reference, the glossary, index, table of contents, lists of functions in 12 and 13, and lists of base properties in 14 and 15 are what you need. The virtual oscilloscope described in 10 looks good, but in our experience must be used with care and can really screw things up. We should avoid it for now.

The main matlab DAQ Documentation Page contains both the above links, as well as many more: on-line tutorials, demos, etc.

If you find any better readings out in the cloud than these, please let us know. We can provide the best and most helpful readings with your help.

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