Data Acquisition Terms and Concepts


This is an individual exercise, not a team exercise.

Here's the Glossary from our main DAQ reading, DAQ Users' Guide .

It has 58 or so terms in it.

Write a few (between 1 and 4, it doesn't matter) paragraphs describing what goes on in a data acquisition session. What happens, what the components do, what the issues are, what ever. Use complete, grammatical English sentences.

Your goal is to produce a readable, accurate, coherent description of a DAQ session that uses as many technical terms from the glossary as you can, and as few other "glue" words as you can. The meaning of the technical words will be more clear in the context of your description, but you aren't obligated to define terms, just use them correctly.

We're looking for about a page of elegant English prose: in this exercise, the main issue is to explain a DAQ session so that the reader understands all the technical terms you use but you don't resort to definitions.

Given definitions like "smitser: a digging implement heavier than a shovel and adapted for being pushed into the ground using the foot or, for frabbissing snorks by a robust swing (see krazz) with the arms", your job is to relate one term to another so that they are all understood from context: as in "to frabbis a snork, you need a smitser, which when krazzed overhand or sidearm, will sever the snork's roata or ganglionic lymph-conduit."

The idea is thqt by reading your prose, a layman would understand what a data acquisition session is, what tools and operations are used, etc.

This is simply a glorified "use this word in a sentence" exercise, but the idea is to minimize the NON-technical words and maximize the number of glossary words you use.

Please Italicize the first use of glossary terms. Please also add a line saying how many terms you used, the total word count of your contribution, and the ratio of total/glossary words.

We care about the ratio, but mostly we care about the coherence and completeness of your description. Your goal is to show us you have a complete and supple grasp of the entire DAQ process,

What to Hand In

As always, see the universal hand-in page. But it's simple in this case. To blackboard, submit:

Submit this file to the DAQ Terms Assignment in Assignments in Course Content in Blackboard before the drop-dead date for any credit and before the due date for partial-to-full (or extra!) credit.

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