CSC 249/449 Computer Vision: Test2 Study Questions

The following are examples of questions that have appeared on previous second exams. Similar or identical questions may appear on the upcoming exam. Most of the questions will be on material from after the midterm, however there is some basic material from before the midterm that you need to remember, and some questions will be asked on it, though perhaps not as many as the number of sample questions might indicate. Some of the questions below may be on areas we have not covered this year. They will not be asked. We may have covered areas not represented by any question here. You are responsible for those areas anyway.


Image Formation

(No, you are not allowed to forget this.)

Image Processing

(Can't forget this either. There will not be as many questions as the relative number under this section might indicate, but you should be able to answer any of them.)


(Some of these questions were also on the midterm study list, however some years we don't cover biology until after the midterm, so biology is fair game)

Segmentation and Grouping

Shape Representation

Classification and Matching


(I don't always cover this)

Bayesian Reasoning

(Or this)

Object Recognition





System Design

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