Call for Papers

ICPP Track on Languages and Compilers

Submission Deadline: February 8, 2004


International Conference on Parallel Processing, one of the oldest conferences in the field, is holding its 33rd meeting in Montreal, Canada, August 15-18, 2004.  The languages and compilers track invites researchers and professionals to submit papers that describe original unpublished work in analyzing and improving programs through compiler, profiling, or run-time techniques.  The topics of interest include but are not limited to


    o techniques for improving parallelism and locality

    o program behavior characterization

    o dynamic program optimization

    o compiler support for MPI, OpenMP, and multi-threaded programs

    o parallel programming language design

    o compiling for emerging systems such as embedded, IA-64, and Grids

    o efficient implementation of Java programs

    o traditional topics in compilation and optimization


For submission details, please visit the ICPP 04 web page at



Track Vice Chair : Chen Ding, U. of Rochester, USA (


Program Committee:


    Jose Nelson Amaral, U. of Alberta, Canada (

    Michal Cierniak, Microsoft, USA (

    Cliff Click, Azul Systems, USA (

    Pedro Diniz, ISI, U. of Southern California, USA (

    Kath Knobe, Cambridge Lab, Hewlett Packard, USA (

    Shih-Wei Liao, MRL, Intel, USA (

    Sam Midkiff, Purdue University, USA (

    David Padua, U. of Illinois Urbana-Champion, USA (

    Santosh Pande, Georgia Inst. of Technology, USA (

    Keshav Pingali, Cornell University, USA (

    Michael Voss, U. of Toronto, Canada (

    Chengyong Wu, ICT, Chinese Academy of Sciences, P.R.China (