Computer Science 248/448


Fall 2017

Homework 1, Due Th 9/7 11am
Implement the HMM decoder using train and test data given in /u/cs248/data/pos. What is your accuracy on the test file?
Homework 2, Due Fri 9/15 5pm
Implement the perceptron training algorithm using HMM-based features and the data set from HW 1. How does the accuracy on test data accuracy compare to HW 1?
Homework 3, Due Fri 9/29 5pm
Implement a Kneser Ney trigram language model using the data set from HW 1.
Homework 4, Due Th 10/26 in class
Review problems handed out in class
Homework 5, Due Tu 11/14 11am
Implement IBM Model 1, and plot log probability of training and test files in /u/cs448/data/mt. Here is a simple test case.
Homework 6, Due Tu 11/28 11am
Implement a feed-forward POS tagger using keras. Network input should be a five word window centered on the current word. A good default is that input words are represented with a 100 dimensional embedding, and the network has one hidden layer with 100 nodes. You should experiment with different network structures. To use keras on your class account, set PYTHONPATH=/u/cs248/.local/lib/python2.7/site-packages
Homework 7, Due Th 12/14 5pm
Review problems handed out in class

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December 5, 2017