Computer Science 248/448


Fall 2020

Homework 1, Due Th 9/3 11am
Implement the perceptron decoder using the data and weights given in /u/cs248/data/pos. Here is a simple test case. What is your accuracy on the test file?
Homework 2, Due Fri 9/11 5pm
Implement the perceptron training algorithm using HMM-based features and the data set from HW 1. Here is a simple test case. How does the accuracy on test data accuracy compare to HW 1?
Homework 3, Due Fri 9/25 5pm
Part 1: implement a viterbi cyk decoder using the following features: Here is a test case and description of the file format.

Part 2: implement perceptron training for this set of features. See test case.

Homework 4, Due Thu 10/13 beginning of class
Review problems handed out on 10/6.
Homework 5, Due Fri 11/13 5pm
Implement CRF training and decoding in pytorch. You should: 1) use tensor operations 2) implement the gradient descent update yourself and 3) report results on the data from assignment 2.

Here is a simple test case.

Homework 6, Due Tu 12/8 beginning of class
Review problems available on piazza.

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November 9, 2020