CSC 191/291
Machines and Consciousness

Psyche's Dream, Josephine Wall (c.2000)
Spring 2022

Course Description

Click the above link to see a brief course description, requirements, texts, links to articles and further readings, writing and project guidelines, and grading.

Len Schubert, 3003 Wegmans Hall, email: "last name"at"cs."etc".
Class time and location: Tue. and Thu. 11:05-12:20 pm; online in January, potentially Gavett 301 later
Office hours: Tue. and Thu. 5:00-6:30 pm (via "email alert"), or by appointment
Grad TA (part-time):
Lane Lawley, email: "first initial""last name"@cs.etc.
Office hours: TBD Lane's course web page

Undergrad TA: Elana Elman,
email: "first initial""last name""2"@u.etc.
Office hours: TBD

Undergrad TA: Catherine Giugno,
email: "first initial""last name"@u.etc.
Office hours: TBD

Schedule (and % grades)

(in chronological order) (FROM 2021--TBD) This provides a detailed (but tentative) schedule, readings,
test and assignment dates, and percentages contributing to the final grade.


Gridworld Projects:

Basic Gridworld Code, ACL Version
Basic Gridworld Code, SBCL Version
Multiple Agents Gridworld Code
Multiple Agents Gridworld Code, with Randomized Runs

The Gridworld infrastructure code is at these links.

R. Daneel 2, David Works

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