In July of 2011 I was featured on a 13-min. segment on public radio's Interfaith Voices, produced by WAMU in Washington.  The backstory is a little odd; Andy Warhol would probably approve:

In May of 2010 I gave a sermon at the First Universalist Church of Rochester regarding the theological core of Unitarian Universalism, and the trouble we sometimes have articulating that core in a clear and compelling way.  The sermon went up on the church web site, and (unbeknownst to me) various people around the web found it and linked to it.  A little over a year later, I got a call from Daniel Burke, a reporter with Religion News Service, who was doing a story on the 50th anniversary of the merger of the American Unitarian Association and the Universalist Church of America.  After a brief interview, Mr. Burke extracted one line from the sermon for inclusion in a (not terribly flattering) article about the UUA that was syndicated to a variety of places, including the Huffington Post.  Then the host of Interfaith Voices, Maureen Fiedler, saw that article and called me up for a rather longer and more sympathetic interview.  I emphasized that I was just one random lay voice, but that seemed to be what they were looking for.  The resulting 13-minute segment was embedded in a one-hour program (mostly on Tibetan Buddhism) that aired in July 2011 on some 76 stations around the country.  I've extracted the segment below; you can download the full show from the Interfaith Voices web site (I run from 27:50 to 40:40).