Prospective Students

I'm always on the lookout for students who wish to work with me. If you're not at Rochester already, an informed e-mail that demonstrates good knowledge of my research has the best chance of getting a reply. I do not respond to what I consider to be form letters.

Note that admissions to Rochester's PhD program are decided by a committee, and are very competitive. Even if you do not hear from me, I encourage you to apply and wish you luck for your future career.

Undergraduate research opportunities

Spring 2023: Unless you've been in my class, or am already working with you, I'm not taking any undergraduate students for Spring 2023.

If you're at Rochester, please come by and speak to me. I offer independent studies and depending on your performance can also sponsor summer research for you.

If you're not at Rochester, please e-mail me regarding your interests and point out how they align with mine. Also propose a project suitable for 3 months or so. I usually cannot provide funding for non-UR undergraduates.

Masters students already at Rochester

If you'd like to work with me on your Masters thesis, please come by and speak to me at the end of your first semester.

Prospective PhD students

If you're at Rochester, please come by and speak with me.

If you wish to join the systems group at Rochester and work with me, please take the effort to understand what I do -- read some of my recent papers, propose extensions, critique them, etc.

Although I work on diverse problems, nearly all of them involve designing, building and evaluating complex systems. If you have significant programming experience, please highlight that, and especially mention systems you have designed or built.

If you've read so far, e-mail me with your interests, and also include in your e-mail the name of your favourite book so far (fiction or non-fiction) and why you like it.