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Computer Science Building

Did you know?

  • The University is home to an IBM Blue Gene/Q supercomputer, making it one of the five most powerful university-based supercomputing sites in the nation.

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  • URCS was founded as a PhD-only department in 1974. The first degrees were awarded in 1980. The department typically admits 10–12 PhD students each fall, and graduates about 7 every year.

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  • Professor Hoque received a Google Faculty Research Award for his research on data-driven adaptive learning, and innovative assessment methods.

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The University has embarked on a $100 million program to create the new Goergen Institute for Data Science. This includes the construction of a state-of-the-art building that will house the institute, the Department of Computer Science, and other academic areas.

Why CSC?

Computer science is a broad and in-demand field, influencing areas like health, entertainment, and big data.

At the University of Rochester, our emphasis on cross-collaboration and elite undergraduate and graduate programs prepares our students for industry, research, and academic positions.

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