CSC200/200H, Spring 2014

CSC200/200H, Spring 2014: Undergraduate Problem Seminar

Instructor: Lane A. Hemaspaandra.

TA: Joe Izraelevitz.

Description: This is an intensive seminar on cooperative problem solving. You will be tackling, in small groups, multiple open research problems. So each group you're in will be doing research, preparing workshop-type and conference-type presentations on its progress, and writing a paper on its findings. The course also will give you an overview of the subdisciplines and the research of the University of Rochester's computer science faculty. CSC200H is required for the Honors B.S. in Computer Science. CSC200 is required for the B.S. Students taking CSC200H may have additional reading, assignments, or projects.

Prerequisites: All B.S. premajor requirements. You must have completed all the URCS B.S. premajor requirements (MTH 150/MTH161/MTH162/CSC171/CSC172). That is, to take this course this term, you must have already taken, completed, and received a passing grade in all of the premajor requirements: MTH 150, MTH 161, MTH 162, CSC171 (or AP credit for 171), and CSC 172.

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