Student Class Presentation

A successful delivery of the presentation will earn an extra credit of up to 5%.

General description:

Each student may consider to make an optional class presentation. If you intend to make the presentation, you need to inform the instructor no later than Feb 28th (the earlier the better). You will work with the instructor to identify an appropriate date for your presentation. You are encouraged to find the topic of your presentation on your own (as long as it is related to parallel and distributed systems). You can also choose the presentation topic from the list of suggested readings below. Regardless of your choice of the topic, the instructor will be available to help you prepare for the presentation. Your presentation (and questions/answers) should approximately take half the time of a class (about 37 minutes).

Suggested readings (reverse chronologically ordered):

If you cannot access a paper from the publisher's site directly, you should be able to search online to find additional copies of the paper.