Human Computer Interaction
CSC 212/412, Spring of 2017
(Mon and Wed, 2: 3:15 pm, B & L 106)

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The course will explore the design, implementation, and evaluation of user driven prototypes to be used by real-users. Students will study the theoretical methods for design and evaluation, including requirements gathering, survey design, ethnography, rapid prototyping, and evaluation techniques. The theoretical knowledge will be supplemented with hands on group projects including a final project. The final project will involve interactions with real-users along with a working prototype which hopefully could be deployed and used by people beyond the scope of this course.

Instructor: M. Ehsan Hoque

Staff Email: csc-212-staff (at) googlegroups (dot) com

Prerequisites: CSC 242 or permission of the instructor. Credits: 4.0

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[2/18/2017] Here are three samples from homework 2.
Sample1: Report Video
Sample2: Video
Sample3: Report

[2/25/2017] Here is a link to sample midterm.

[2/8/2017] Here are two samples from homework 1. Sample1 Sample 2

[2/6/2017] Download jmp from here.

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