What'sNew: January, 1994

January 30, 1994

The Dan Quayle for President Preservation Society proudly presents a story in pictures and sound of a Superbowl gone horribly awry...

January 29,1994

An excellent new form-based META-index is available at the Centre Universitaire d'Informatique for your browsing pleasure. If you find it especially useful, install a local copy on your machine. It will work from anywhere.

The On-Line Music Database has gone through some changes in the last week. It is now searchable by: Track, Album, Artist, and Submitter. It now also allows editing of existing database entries. There are now over 1300 albums in the database and 390+ artists.

The Exploratorium is happy to officially announce the availibility of it World Wide Web server.

A collection of Automotive mailing lists can now be accessed through the Web.

A text-to-speech translator (rsynth) has been integrated into the Web. A forms-based interface to it is available via the rsynth form.

A new WWW server in theComputer Science Departmentat Oklahoma State University contains information about the department.

The Web server at Calvin College has been redone, including the addition of a graphicalcampus calendar and a Bible gateway.

EINet announcesthe EINetGalaxy, a prototype directory service for locating Internetresources. This service is a vehicle for research and requirementsdevelopment for electronic commerce directory services. It is currently veryincomplete. Major upgrades and features to be announced as they becomeavailable.

The Department of Computer Scienceat the University of Chile is running the first WWW Server in Chile.The server provides information about our Department and include a MAP of WWW/Gopherservers in Chile. Includes also information aboutThe 20th InternationalConference on Very Large Data Bases (VLDB'94) to be held inSantiago de Chile from September 12 through 15, 1994.

The Coombs Computing Unit at ANU now is running a Web server.

Brandon Plewe (SUNY/Buffalo) isconducting the Best of the Web'94 Awards. This is meant to highlight those places and people that bestexemplify how great the Web is. Right now, it is under development, but overthe next few weeks, everyone is encouraged to submit nominees and vote.

The Oregon State Archives ispleased to announce a new web server. Initial offerings include TheOregon Bulletin, a monthly catalog of administrative rule proposalsand adoptions, and lists of records of interest to genealogists andstudents of family history.

The University of Texas at Dallasnow has a WWW server as part of their CWIS system.

The TrincollJournal, a weekly multimedia magazine run by students at TrinityCollege in Hartford Connecticut, with all design, programming,contributions and artwork created by people from around the world, is nowin the Web.

Talk.Bizarre is on the Web, allowing all frequent posters,net.legends, and idiots to open their personal archives etal to all! The Talk.Bizarre Web PageThing is maintained by page@cs.odu.edu, who is open to suggestionsand additions of all sorts. More is planned in the future...

Kaleida Labs, Inc., now has a publicweb server. This server is not officially maintained, ratherit is done with love byDan Bornstein.

January 25,1994

The Museum of Paleontology WWW serverhas undergone a facelift, with new pages for both the on-line catalogs and theAbout this server pages.Also, they have nearly completed work on set of pages describing the technology used to create the server.

ConsensusDevelopment Corporation is now offering an experimental WWW FrontPage for access to information about collaboration and software supportfor collaboration, as well as information about the products andservices offered by Consensus Development. Topics include informationabout groupware, decision support, facilitation, electronic democracy,hypertext authoring, online documentation, document architecture, sharedspaces, virtual organizations, and online knowledge management.

The Tango Server has been totally revised and updated. It presents argentinian tango (and related dances like milonga and vals cruzado) as a form of dance, a music style and a social and cultural phenomenon. Moreover it features information about tango happenings and organizations all over the world, a large collection of tango lyrics and lots of other material (pictures and sounds).

The Global LegalStudies Journal published by the Indiana University School ofLaw - Bloomington is now available via the WorldWideWeb.

You can now browse various Christian WWW resources includingan incomplete hypertext Biblevia theChristian Resource List.

The Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory homepage is now publicly accessible.DRAO is a national facility operated by the Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics of the National Research Council of Canada.The observatory instruments are particulary suited to comprehensive studies of the interstellar environment, extended Galactic nebulae and star-forming regions, and of nearby galaxies.

Doctor Fun has moved to sunsite.unc.edu
To fetch the the latest Doctor Fun, usehttp://sunsite.unc.edu/Dave/Dr-Fun/latest.jpg

Jeremy Rutter of Dartmouth College has made his course materials forAegean Prehistory available on the Classics andMediterranean Archaeology Server. A sample section can be read here.The rest can by downloaded (via Gopher) from here.

Dublin City University School of Computer Applicationsand also the Centre for Software Engineering

The Sciencefiction resource guide is an index to fiction, interviews, bibliographies,reviews, criticism and much else related to science fiction and fantasy.
Nova-Links , an extensivenetwork navigator, is now available from the HTTP server at Nova-Southeastern University. Care has been taken to provide a widevariety of resources in an organized and easy to use manner.In addition to coverage of www, gopher, and hytelnet resources, thereis an extensive interface to software libraries, an unusually extensivefun page, an employment section, and more. Nova-Links is updateddaily.

The mathematics department at Florida State University now has a WWW server. It has links to allkinds of fun information, as well as links to other math and scienceservers around the world. It also has a link to a skydiving home page which has all kinds of informationabout skydiving.

Stanford University's Centerfor Design Research is pleased to announce EXPE: AnExperiential Conference on Team Design, March 24th - 26th,1994. Explore the design process by working with teams from Chrysler,WET design, XEROX PARC, Pacific Data Images, Caterpillar, JetPropulsion Laboratory and the Design Division, Department ofMechanical Engineering, Stanford University.

Malin Space Science Systems,developer of the camera on the ill-fated Mars Observer spacecraft, nowhas a WWW server. Among other things, the server contains MOC images takenduring cruise, and an extensive set of stills and MPEGmovies sent back from Antarctica by Mike Malin, who is currentlydoing research there.

January 22,1994

The Baylor College of Medicine Genome Center has a WWW server. Of special interest to biologists are the Biologist's Control Panel, and the CEPH-Genethon Data Interface, which allows browsing and searching of the CEPH-Genethon physical map data, complete with links to Baylor College of Medicine Genome Center Data.

The Computer Science and Operational Research Department of the Université de Montréal is pleased toannounces its new httpd server. This site, currently available only in French,is located in Montréal, Province of Québec, Canada. It features researchpapers, departemental facilities information, under and post graduate study details, personnel information, lab and user provided documents on different topics, links to Gopher and WWW servers in Québec, and many more.

The Graphics, Visualization, & Usability Center at Georgia Tech is now on the Web.

Although we have been around for a while, we are still pleased to offically announce our database. With in our database are text, movies, and images on: Animation, Image Understanding, Medical Informatics, Scientific Visualization, Software Visualization, and Virtual Environments. Also available are GVU Technical Reports, the GVU Users's Guide, the WWW User Survey, and more!

The Clearinghouse for Subject-Oriented Internet Resource Guides can now be accessed via the Web.

The Nuclear EngineeringDepartment at the University of Wisconsin-Madison announces itsWWW server. As well as full deparmental information, it contains anAmerican NuclearSociety Home Page, which features an on-line magazine not to bemissed. X-Section isdesigned to be a forum for the dissemination of information aboutnuclear engineering and the nuclear power industry to members of thegeneral public. (It is not a technical journal for spreading newengineering or scientific information.)

A new WWW server is now online at the National Climatic Data Center. This server contains information about the data and services available at the center. Included are information about NCDC's environmental Online Data Access and Services Information System (OASIS) and the Global Climate Perspectives System (GCPS). NCDC's WWW server also contains information on environmental data available on CD-ROMS and images from both the Microwave Sounding Unit (MSU) and NOAA's Long-Term Climatological Dataset.

You can now reach the International Computer ScienceInstitute (ICSI) via http. ICSI is a computer science researchorganization that is closely affiliated with the Computer Sciencedivision of the Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciencedepartment at U.C. Berkeley. ICSI comprisesresearch scientists from all over the world working togetherwith U.C. Berkeley EECS professors and graduate students on a wide variety of projects.At the ICSI httpsite, you can find postscript technical reports, an interface to the ICSI gopher server,and information about theSather and pSather languages. New services will soon be added.

The Department of Informatics at the Federal University of Santa Catarina, BRAZIL, is now running a WWW Server. The server provides a world index by continent using ISMAP, and a index of all Brazilian network services (WWW, anonymous FTP, Gopher, ...). Includes also informations about our Department and courses. This is a good oportunity to learn Portuguese! There is a Home Page in English too. Please note : our link is slow = 9600 bps.

Stanford University has upgraded to anHTTP server. There are pointers to many of the campus organizations that arerunning servers of their own, including theSchool of Medicine.

VTLS is happy to announce a new web server. VTLS is a company that provides innovative automation solutions for libraries and other information centers worldwide. Some of the links you will find are products and services, a company overview, and a special Z39.50 page which illustrates how the VTLS Z39.50 client can interface with web browsers such as NCSA Mosaic for Windows.

Eunet Austria providing email, news and IP connectivity to the general public and commercial customers, is now running a server providing information on it's products and services.

The Computing Support Team, Inc. has volunteered to coordinateInternet access to the missing children information supplied by theNational Center for Missing and Exploited Children and the HeidiSearch Center. Our Missing Kids Guide is now available. Sites wishing to mirror ourdatabase and web documents should contact CSTeam for moreinformation

Polish Home Page is placed at Physics Department of Wasaw University WWW server. At the same place there is a Flea Market @ FUW, place where you can insert and read advertisenments. Market interface programs are written based on new parser v 1.1 utility routine.

CRS4,Centre for Advanced Studies Research and Development in Sardinia (Cagliari, Italy),invites you to visit their WWW server. In addition to the links to theirdifferent Groupsand Projects, you can find also: hypertextual MPEG info,animations,the historyof Sardinia (with many GIFs),the archaeologicalmuseum of Cagliari (italian text + GIFs), italian literature(try La Divina Commediaor Pinocchio).

The Duke University Department of Network Communications has a Web server. The NetCom Web server providestimely information on DukeNet and the North Carolina InformationHighway. You will also find an amazing discovery concerningthe Net coffee pot!

The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc (SCO) provides UNIX operating systems and related solutions to the PC industry. The home page provides access to the company overview, products, services, 3rd party applications, and more.

January 19,1994

Update, the computer society at Uppsala University in Sweden now has a Web server. Update is on a quest to collect computer history (and historic computers).

International Trade Law Web Server Ananse.
Web server for documents related to international trade law. We also provide local information on the Law Faculty of the University of Tromsoe, the world's Northernmost, and on the exotic "arctic" town Tromsoe (including pictures) which this year celebrates her 200th Anniversary. For a more complete overview look at what we intend to do. (under construction).

WATERS, the Wide Area Technical Report Service is now online at Old Dominion University. Sponsored by ODU's CS Department, SUNY Buffalo, the University of Virginia and Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, WATERS is a distributed solution to managing, indexing and retrieving computer science technical reports. The system currently contains more than 650 reports, and contributions by other universities are encouraged.

A new WWW server is available at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, MA. The MBL WWW currently includes: descriptions of the MBL's intensive graduate-level courses in the biological and biomedical sciences; a descriptive guide ("Life Science in Woods Hole") to the programs and research opportunities at the Laboratory; and the gopher-based information resources for all of the scientific institutions based in Woods Hole.

The Knowledge Systems Laboratory of the National Research Council of Canada is now serving its information to the Web. The KSL does applied research in Artificial Intelligence. The KSL server delivers KSL technical reports and information on KSL staff. In the future, current projects will be described. There are numerous pointers to Internet locations that will be of interest to AI researchers.

To date, no reliable information publically exists that models WWW users. Yet such a profile can profoundly impact the future development of WWW databases and related technologies. With this in mind, please participate in the General Info, HTML, HTTP, and Mosaic User Surveys

From Russia and from America comes a new information service called "Friends and Partners" -- one of the first information systems jointly developed by citizens of these two nations. It is hoped that it will contribute towards better understanding between our nations by providing instruction on our countries and cultures, by providing a common base of information about issues affecting relations between our countries, and by providing a common 'meeting place' where folks can find and communicate with each other.

the University of Queensland now has a server. It is a very early version and has little beyond a searchable index stafflist and some trivial graphic objects.

EUnet EUregio POP Aachen/Germany: A WWW program with various information coming from the INFO.box Mailboxsystem. Most of the program is in German. The program is still under developement and will serve as an umbrella program for various kinds of information the other companies might be interested in publishing.

January 17,1994

The JumpStation has been greatly updated. It's now more usable and it's a lot faster after he changed the indexing of the data. Databases will be slotted in as they finish - the current url count in the JumpStation is 28492 - you just enter a word and it tells you the URLs that have that word (or part-word) in their title or H1 headers.

Lee Liming, of the University of Michigan School of Information and Library Studies, has put together an HTML exhibit on his upcoming tour of Antarctica. The exhibit is currently in a pre-trip state, containing advance information about the tour and a guide to Antarctica-related Internet information resources. The post-tour state (early March) will include photos, journal entries, and audio clips from the tour, which begins in Punta Arenas, Chile and ends at Christchurch, New Zealand.

A definitive home page for Rush fans now exists. Thepage features information on the group and all of it's albums, includinglyrics for all songs, interview tidbits, and images of the group. It alsoincludes information on joining the National Midnight Star, theRush internet mailing list.

The Astronomy and Physics Department of Saint Mary's University, inHalifax Nova Scotia, is now running an httpd-1.0 server. Their home page containslinks to various sites of interest to researchers in Astronomy andPhysics, as well as links of general interest. It also provides a linkto an informationpage covering the department, the M.Sc. programme in Astronomy, andthe faculty.

A real-time gateway to theXPilot Meta Serverhas been added on theMSU/UCG Web.

The Leptiminus Archaeological Project has made a preliminary report on the 1990-93 field seasons available on the Classics and Mediterranean Archaeology Server.

The Requirements Engineering Newsletter (a specialist topic insoftware engineering) and its archive are now accessible through WWW.

Bethany Christian Services, a non-profit family services organization specializing in adoption and counseling, is now online with a W3 server.

January 16,1994

Click on the following URLs to get the It will play an audio file speaking the current time including seconds over the network (of course it may be off a bit if you are reading it over a slow network link :-).

Wavefront Technologies Santa Barbara, CA now has a WWW server running. Wavefront is the leader in professional workstation-based 3D animation software. The server offers information on products, customer training, support, production profiles, and much more!

The QUEST Protein Database Center at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, in New York, USA, has just opened its WWW server. QUEST has constructed a 2D Gel Rat Protein Database, and the protein spot identifications are now available graphically via WWW. This database is presented in a manner which allows the user to point to and click on known protein spots to obtain their identities. You can read about their Quest II software system, and the h hyperbook language (which simplifies conversion from normal texts to HTML hypertext) which was used to create their online tutorial for the Quest II software. Quest is an NIH Biomedical Research Technology Resource.

The MissingChildren's Forum is now on the Internet. It contains knowninformation about, and pictures of, children who are missing. The databaseis maintained by the NationalCenter for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC). This mirror of thefiles contained in the CompuServe Forum is maintained as a public serviceby Maxwell Labs in order toprovide access to this information for Internet users. The databasecontains pictures of the children in GIF format and text files containinginformation about their disappearance.

Spirit of UConn provides library resources to the internet community and tothe University of Connecticut community. Various CDROM archives andGIS/Census databases will become available on Spirit as it is expanded.

ArchNet is a archaeological resource focusing on NortheasternUnited States archaeology. Botanical studies, ethnohistory, faunalanalysis, cultural resource management, lithic analysis, geomorphology area few of the areas covered by this server. It is being expanded daily.

The Maricopa Center for Learning and Instruction, or MCLI, is a central source of resources and innovations for the ten colleges in the Maricopa County Community College District, Arizona. Our server offers information about the District, links to our Gopher servers, on-line versions of MCLI's publications, and will soon have demos of instructional courseware developed at MCLI.

Infrared images of the sky from the Infrared Astronomical Satellite are now available from the experimental ISSA Postage Stamp Server running at the Infrared Processing and Analysis Center at Caltech. The images are returned on the basis of selecting a celestial object's name or position and can be fetched as full FITS files by clicking on the displayed in-line gif representations.

January 14,1994

A copy of the first image of the new Wide-Field and Planetary Camera-II of the Hubble Space Telescope is available on the Web on the CDS server in Strasbourg, France. Enjoy!

North Carolina State University invites you to visit their WWW server which contains links to NCSU administrative and academic information. This server also includes an archive of Sybase information and tools as well as Amateur Radio information.

The Backcountry Home Page is now online. This page is an attempt to organize the backcountry related information that is available on the Internet. Topics include, but are not limited to: hiking, camping and climbing. Check it out, then "get out!"

January 13,1994

A new WWW server is running at Universita' degli Studi di Napoli "Federico II", Dipartimento di Scienze Fisiche and INFN (Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare), Sezione di Napoli, Naples, Italy.

Lego bricks! Maybe you remember them from your youth, maybe you've started using your children as an excuse to buy more, maybe you just enjoy building things with them. If you do, check out this archive of Lego information including the FAQ for rec.toys.lego (nee alt.toys.lego), information on building your own lego robot, and variety of gif images.

The S-Cubed Division of Maxwell Labs, a high technology research and development organization announces it's World Wide Web server. In addition to providing information about Maxwell products and services, as a public service we're providing Taxing Times 1994, an Internet collection of tax-related resources and information to help you deal with April 15th.

The ACM at UIUC has a new home page detailing their activities.

The AXAF Science Center (ASC) is located at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The purpose of the ASC is to provide the support required by the science community to fully realize the potential of of the Advanced X-Ray Astrophysics facility (AXAF) , a satellite due to be launched by NASA in 1998.

The Physics Department at the University of Idaho is now running an NCSA httpd-1.0 server providing links to physics and local resources plus information about rugby.

The Department of Geology at the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom has a new Web server. It is experimental and a bit ambitious, but is the first of its kind in the UK!

The DTP Direct Catalog is now online as part of the InterNex Server Bureau. DTP Direct specializes in Macintosh hardware and software tools for desktop publishers. The World Wide Web implementation of this catalog features offerings from Adobe, Seagate, Fujitsu and Aldus, along with other quality solutions for the graphics professional.

The Mother Jones home page (MoJo does progressive politics and exposes) now has Jan/Feb 94, with features on handgun control, Ross Perot, FEMA's secret plans, and more, plus all of 1993. NEW searchable index too!

The Millstone Hill Observatory announces the availability of its World Wide Web server. Located in Westford Massachusetts, the observatory is a broad-based atmospheric sciences research facility, owned and operated by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The Palo Alto Medical Foundation invites you to attend "Can Managed Care Heal America? - Winners and Losers in a New Game", a symposium for representatives from government, business, industry, academia and health care that will debate the important questions of managed care--a system of how patients are cared for by physicians, outpatient facilities and hospitals in which cost-effectiveness and good outcomes are central components.

ANU Bioinformatics has recently opened two new hypermedia services. Medical Information covers a wide range of toipics, including biochemistry, cell biology, and clinical science. Palynology and palaeoclimatology covers many aspects of palaeoenvironmental research.

The University of Texas at Austin Computation Center now offers a Web interface to its microlib/mac Macintosh software archive, heretofore directly accessible via FTP and Gopher only. The new interface provides indexes and descriptions of all the products on the site, links to Web data on them (when available), as well as links to their source and master sites, etc.

The Januaryissue of International Teletimes is now online at the Web server at Wimsey Information Services.International Teletimes is a popular general interest electronic magazinefrom Vancouver. This issue (now the third issue online) features articleson this month's theme of History, such as Auschwitz:Confronting the Horror and some other excellent regular columns.

The Department of ComputerScience, University of Exeter, in Devon, England is now running aWWW server (NCSA httpd 1.0). It has research papers, postgraduatestudy details and personnel information.

There was a fantastic conference entitled "Government Information and the Internet: Issues, Applications, and Prospects", chaired by Dr. Charles McClure of Syracuse University. It was held December 15th in Washington. Both the seminar notes and the list of speakers reflectthe growing interest in the Internet within the federal government.

A new site catering to the fringe/art/avant-garde/alternative Web browsers is now available from UnderWorld Industries. The new site, "The Web's Edge", is near completion, but is being open to the public to help with evaluation and testing. Comments and suggestions are encouraged.

The Company Corporation (TCC) - Incorporate easily, quickly and inexpensively in any state online. TCC is the #1 direct incorporator in the world and has formed over 100,000 corporations.

January 10,1994

The University of Oregon http server now provides a starting point for browsing http-, ftp-, and gopher-based information resources at UO.

The GNN Travel Resource Center has received a facelift and a new "Features" department called "Notes from the Road".

The SUNY/Buffalo Wings CWIS has put upan experimental Virtual Touristservice. This is a map-based front end to the growing number of NIR servermaps and lists that are out there. It also contains connections to Touristguides to some countries (check out Japan and Slovenia!).

A WWW server (NCSA httpd-1.0) is now running at the Department of Computer Science, University of Rochester, in Rochester, New York. Among the available information is: personal home pages for department members, our Department Brochure, our online Technical Report collection, our anonymous FTP area, and, for those of you with browsers that support imagemaps, our Department Subway Map.

International Software Systems, Inc. (ISSI) in Austin, TX announces its home page. Here you can find a software requirements tracability demonstration, current projects at ISSI, and information about U.S. Air Force Logistic Centers. Also check out the ISSI Product Line which features ProEDITOR, a structure-oriented graphical editor for the Visual Process Modeling Language (VMPL).

Two different indices to Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) related material are now online, each with its own focus. They are the HCI Launching Pad, which focuses on Hypertext and Computer Supported Cooperative Work, and the HCI Index, which focuses on User Interface Design. The HCI Index is hosted by the Department of Technical Mathematics and Informatics of the Delft University of Technology.

The Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) Environmental Sciences Division (ESD) proudly announces the availability of its gopher and WorldWide Web servers to the Global Internet. These servers have been established to provide the public with information about ORNL and ESD research and develop activities.

The Federal Communications Law Journal, published by the Indiana University School of Law - Bloomington and the Federal Communications Bar Association is now available in an online version. The current issue concentrates on Cable Television Regulation and includes articles by Representative Edward J. Markey, Commissioner Andrew C. Barret, Representative Michael G. Oxley, Nicholas W. Allard, David Alan Nall, and Carl R. Ramey.

New Mexico Tech is pleased to announce that it is now running a Web server. Besides local information about Tech and the surrounding locale, the server offers a couple of general-interest items: Michael Fisk has created another manpage gateway. Besides screen formatting, this gateway dynamically checks for the existance of manpages before creating cross-references to them. For the last several months, Michael has also been maintaining a page of Web-accessable Internet Resources. This page attempts to provide tools for finding all kinds of information via the Internet.

The NASA Ames Numerical Aerodynamic Simulation Division Applied Research Branch is pleased to announced an annotated bibliography of scientific visualization URLs. There are only a few entries at present, but we intend to eventually include all URLs containing substantial scientific visualization results. If you know of a URL we should include, mail globus@nas.nasa.gov.

January 7, 1994

A new interactive music database page using forms is available.

A web server offering a variety of Art-History-related images is now available. The sections currently include 2,800 images and their associated short records dealing with the history of printmaking from the 15th century to the end of the 19th century, and a few on the classical architecture of the Mediterranean. For the prints collection, users can choose between menus offering inlines, or those without. 2,500 images of classical architecture & architectural sculpture should shortly join this collection.

The Harvard University Physics Department is now running a WWW server. It features mostly items of local interest, but it also contains a few documents of interest to the physics community.

The Silicon Graphics FAQs have been formatted to take advantage of Tom Fine's terrific FAQ-to-hypertext conversion system. FTP sites and the like are now recognized as such and converted to hyperlinks. The site also contains the top of the entire USENET FAQ tree.

An Acoustic Music Server, with tour schedules for singer/songwriters and venue schedules for many clubs in the USA, with more to come, is now online.

Computer Science Technical Reports are now available from a server atCornell. The server providesa forms-based interface for searching the collection by author, title,or words in the abstract; you can also obtain lists of the full TRcollection sorted by author or number. The TRs are available in avariety of forms including 600 dpi TIFF, 72dpi GIF (legible on a colormonitor) and 10dpi GIF (for quick visual browsing). In some casesPostscript or other forms are available.

Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada now offers Web access to their InfoQ CWIS. A top-level index into an existing gopher server was created to get it off the ground.

A web information server for users of Zoomer personal digital assistants is now available, courtesy of EIT. Along with a growing collection of information about Zoomers, there are hypertext archives of the zoomer-list mailing list.

StatLib a system for distributing statistical software, datasets, and information by electronic mail, FTP, gopher, now has an WWW image. StatLib started out as an e-mail service and some of the organisation still reflects that heritage. We hope that the StatLib Home Page will provide will provide sufficient guidance to enable you to navigate through the archives.

The Pylos Regional Archaeological Project has made the preliminary report given at the annual meetings of the American Institute of Archaeology available on the Classics and Mediterranean Archaeology web server.

A new WWW server at AT&T Bell Laboratories is now available for use. Its current offerings include:

January 4, 1994

A WWW server has been installed at the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) The primary information resource is the NIH GenBank Genetic Sequence Database, a collection of all known DNA sequences. The server provides searching of GenBank, other sequence databases and a subset of MEDLINE citations related to molecular sequence data. DNA and protein sequence comparison searching against the databases using the BLAST algorithm is also available. NCBI is a division of the National Library of Medicine (NLM), National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Botany Department, University of Georgia (Athens, GA, USA) has a new World-Wide-Web page, describing the department, and including a greenhouse tour.

The Babylon 5 FrequentlyAsked Questions List is available. Note: this link has moved tohere.

The World Bank in Washington, D.C., is announcing a Web Server. A new policy on disclosure of operational information was approved by the Executive Directors in August 1993. As part of that policy, The World Bank Public Information Center has been established to make available to the public a range of operational documents that were previously restricted to official users. Please note that the new policy takes effect in January 1994, and is not retroactive.

An ARPA sponsored research project for parallel C++ for supercomputers pC++/Sage++ is on the Web. They are piggy-backed onto CICA, the Center for Innovative Computer Applications

HTCLtoTCL takes a program written in Tcl, marked with directives for 'escaping' into HTML generation, and generates a Tcl program from it. You can find the source by anonymous FTP at www.lbl.gov in pub/htcl.tar or by WWW at htcl.tar. Some documentation can be found in the tar file, or in this file.

FineArt Forum a seven-year-old publication serving the art and technology community is on the Web. Although the WWW service mainly front-ends of gopher right now we plan to continously expand our service to fully utilize the facilities for rich-media publishing.

Wimsey Information Services has a home page with various types of information including Teletimes, an online magazine; and BC Ski, daily ski reports for Whistler Mtn. and gif/jpeg files showing the trail maps for Whistler and Blackcomb.

The Rapid Development Lab at NASA/Johnson Space Center is now on-line with a Web server! The RDL is a resource created to explore and evaluate new technologies and processes for flight software and simulation development. A tour of the lab and its capabilities is available with a full suite of pictures, sounds, and movies.

Microplex is now running a Web server which provides product and support information on their network print servers. Includes current information on products, support, firmware upgrades, company history, people, etc.

January 3, 1994

Arizona Macintosh Users Group Inc. is now on the Web!

There is a new WWW service for mathematics called CSC Mathematical Topics. This service includes links to WWW and Gopher services and to the CSC online help facilities (information on software etc).

Oslonett Inc. a Norwegian consulting company trying to educate the industry on Internet use, is pleased to formally announce our WWW services open to the whole Internet. Among other things, you will find a pilot service much in the spirit of GNN's Marketplace, we call it The Oslonett Marketplace. For instance, we believe you will enjoy browsing the information from the Norwegian tourist operator Arctic Adventours. Also, European users may notice that we are serving the Big Dummys Guide To The Internet (hypertext and PostScript only).

January 1, 1994

Novell has added some nice new utilities and services on their Web server. Now you can run a wais search on the news using the archive of Novell-related Newsgroups. Another new utility is a form for submitting UnixWare Product Enhancement requests. This form is routed to the UnixWare product managers so users can tell Novell what they'd like to see in future versions of UnixWare.

Beginning in late January, selected contents of the award-winning Palo Alto Weekly will be available via World Wide Web. The Weekly is published twice a week for the San Francisco Peninsula communities of Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Stanford, Portola Valley, Los Altos Hills and East Palo Alto. Internet users will be able to access Weekly movie and restaurant reviews, movie times, real estate open house information, selected news and sports stories, entertainment listings and other material. Here is a sample issue. For those of you living the in the San Francisco Peninsula area, chase away the winter blahs by taking a class in something you've always wanted to do. All of the classes listed are local, and there are hundreds of choices, so you can find something new to do until springtime returns!

D3 Electric Catalog is a hypertext multimedia catalog published "live" to the Internet. Leading and hard-to-find personal computer-related products are offered at competitive prices. Product selection focuses on CD-ROM new media, entertainment, computer publishing and connectivity. We are just beginning to load the catalog on this server. More will be added day by day.

A new Web server, Bordeaux and Prague, is available, which contains illustrated fictions of both an artistic and a theoretical nature. Currently, the server contains Kid A In Alphabet Land, "an abecedarian roller coaster ride through the phallocentric obscurantism of Jacques Lacan," which is the electronic rendition of a trading card set, and The Valentine Thief, a (large, graphic) Valentine Day story.

The Electronic Engineering group at Delft University of Technology is now on the Web! Apart from the usual info (such as the people who work there)there is a Web entry for the OCEAN Sea-of-Gates design system software (with even an on-line users manual). In addition, the server provides access to a comprehensive digital picture archive.

Middle East Technical University, Ankara, TURKEY is now based its Campus Wide Information System on NCSA's httpd. The University Catalog and various information about METU and Turkey is accessible. It also has pointers to some information resources in Internet.

The Online Career Center provides job-searchers with information about employment opportunities and open positions; people seeking work can also send their resumes in for listing. New features include resumes and jobs sections sorted by jobs skills or position titles. The Online Career Center is a non-profit employer's association; contact occ-info@mail.msen.com for more information on how to join. This service is run by Msen, Inc.; contact info@mail.msen.com for more information on other Msen services.

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) just released Enhancing California's Competitive Strength: A Strategy for Telecommunications Infrastructure, its November 1993 Report to Governor Pete Wilson.

This week NBC Nightly News has been running a feature story called "Almost 2001" which is about computer networks. They are also inviting email comments by giving out their address as nightly@nbc.com. Nina Zacuto, one of the producers of the program, has given us permission to post the scripts from the show in the WELLgopher.

The Satellite TV Page is open for browsing. It attempts to bring together all the information resources related to the subject of Satellite Television and Radio scattered about the net. These include the South Scanner Satellite Services Chart, listing all video and audio services on all satellites visible in North America; the Internet Wild Feeds List, listing regularly scheduled program feeds on occasional-use transponders; and a collection of satellite TV images.

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