NAACL-HLT 2007 Conference in Rochester, NY

2007 NAACL-HLT Doctoral Consortium Participants

Chris Biemann
University of Leipzig
Unsupervised Natural Language Processing Using Graph Models

Karen Friberg
Göteborg University
Query Expansion Using Domain Information in Compounds

Marie-Josée Goulet
Laval University
Analysis of Summarization Evaluation Experiments

J. Scott Olsson
University of Maryland
Combining Evidence for Improved Speech Retrieval

Joana Paolo Pardal
Instituto Superior Técnico, Technical University of Lisbon"
Dynamic Use of Ontologies in Dialogue Systems

Simone Paolo Ponzetto
EML Research gGmbH
Creating a Knowledge Base from a Collaboratively Generated Encyclopeodia

Rajen Subba
University of Illinois at Chicago
Exploiting Event Semantics to Parse the Rhetorical Structures of Natural Language Text

Diana Marie Trandabăț
Romanian Academy, Iași Branch
Semantic Frames in Romanian Natural Language Processing Systems

Alicia Tribble
Carnegie Mellon University
Knowledge-Based Labeling of Semantic Relationships in English

Qin Iris Wang
University of Alberta
Learning Structured Classifiers for Statistical Dependency Parsing