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The Automated Text Adaptation Tool
Jill Burstein, Jane Shore, John Sabatini, Yong-Won Lee, Matthew Ventura
TextRunner: Open Information Extraction on the Web
Alexander Yates, Michele Banko, Matthew Broadhead, Michael Cafarella, Oren Etzioni, Stephen Soderland
Text Comparison Using Machine-Generated Nuggets
Liang Zhou
Voice-Rate: A Dialog System for Consumer Ratings
Geoffrey Zweig, Y.C. Ju, Patrick Nguyen, Dong Yu, Ye-Yi Wang and Alex Acero
OMS-J: An Opinion Mining System for JapaneseWeblog Reviews Using a Combination of Supervised and Unsupervised Approaches
Guangwei Wang, Kenji Araki
The Hidden Information State Dialogue Manager: A Real-World POMDP-Based System
Steve Young, Jost Schatzmann, Blaise Thomson, Karl Weilhammer, Hui Ye
Cedit: Semantic Networks Manual Annotation Tool
Václav Novák
POSSLT: A Korean to English Spoken Language Translation System
Donghyeon Lee, Jonghoon Lee, Gary Geunbae Lee
Adaptive Tutorial Dialogue Systems Using Deep NLP Techniques
Myroslava O. Dzikovska, Charles B. Callaway, Elaine Farrow, Manuel Marques-Pita, Colin Matheson, Johanna D. Moore
Automatic Segmentation and Summarization of Meeting Speech
Pei-Yun (Sabrina) Hsueh, Gabriel Murray, Simon Tucker, Jonathan Kilgour, Jean Carletta, Johanna Moore, Steve Renals
Spoken Dialogue Systems for Language Learning
Stephanie Seneff, Chao Wang, Chih-yu Chao
RavenCalendar: A Multimodal Dialog System for Managing A Personal Calendar
Svetlana Stenchikova, Basia Mucha, Sarah Hoffman, Amanda Stent
Learning to find transliteration on the Web
Chien-Cheng Wu, Jason S. Chang
The CALO Meeting Assistant Demo
Lynn Voss, Patrick Ehlen, and the CALO Meeting Assistant Project Team
Demonstration of PLOW: A Dialogue System for One-Shot Task Learning
James Allen, Nathanael Chambers, George Ferguson, Lucian Galescu, Hyuckchul Jung, Mary Swift, William Taysom
A Conversational In-car Dialog System
Baoshi Yan, Fuliang Weng, Zhe Feng, Florin Ratiu, Madhuri Raya, Yao Meng, Sebastian Varges, Matthew Purver, Annie Lien, Tobias Scheideck, Badri Raghunathan, Feng Lin, Rohit Mishra, Brian Lathrop, Zhaoxia Zhang, Harry Bratt, Stanley Peters

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