Annotating Argumentation Acts in Spoken Dialog

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This page contains resources for those interested in looking at the annotation for argumentation acts we are doing at the University of Rochester.

Please email if you download any of this software or data, so that we can keep you informed of results, updates, and errors.

We have a set of dialogs taken from the Monroe corpus that we are annotating for argumentation acts: that is, behavior/structure that occurs above the level of the individual speech act. A description of what we are doing can be found in this paper, presented at INLG 2000.

The source code for the tool we are using is in ArgumentationTool.tar (this is version 0.1). This tar file includes several Java files, several text files and three .gif files. Installation instructions are also included. Please send bug reports to

This is a manual for using the tool.

Some sample transcripts, from the TRAINS-93 corpus and the Monroe corpus, are in this tar file. More can be found here.

Some sample annotations (not corrected):

To find out more about our research at the University of Rochester, try this page.

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