Conversational Interaction and
  Spoken Dialogue

Conversational Interaction and Spoken Dialogue
Research Group

Department of Computer Science
University of Rochester

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The Conversational Interaction and Spoken Dialogue Research Group is part of the Computer Science Department at the University of Rochester. The goals of our research are, first, to understand how people communicate in conversation, and second, to build computer systems that can communicate naturally with people. Our methodology is to start by conducting controlled studies of human conversational behavior. In addition to providing valuable data for testing theories of human-human communication, we use the collected conversations to motivate the development of collaborative human-computer systems. These prototype conversational agents are developed incrementally, with progressively better capabilities in progressively more realistic domains.

Postdoctoral Positions Available

Our research is supported in part by:

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
US Air Force/Rome Laboratory
Office of Naval Research
National Science Foundation

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