Monroe Plan Corpus

The Monroe Plan Corpus is a collection of automatically generated plan sessions together with the corresponding plan. These have been generated using an AI planner. Given a plan library for a domain, we stochastically choose a goal and generate a start state. Using a modified version of the SHOP2 Planner, we randomly generate a valid plan for the goal and start state. Using this process, we have created an artificial corpus for the Monroe domain - a disaster management domain. The corpus contains contains 5000 plan sessions and 10 goal schemas with an average of 9.6 actions per session.

This corpus was created as part of a project for goal schema and parameter recognition. It may be freely downloaded and used, although we ask that you let us know if you are using it so we can more persuasively convince our sponsors that it is useful. Also, please cite the following paper when referencing the corpus:



Work that Uses the Corpus

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