wiki:Capture the Flag

Capture The Flag

The Capture The Flag? scenario represents a data collection and processing experiment. The goal of this experiment is to collect data on how players play capture the flag, with the intent of formulating a model of capture the flag behaviors. This process contains many interesting research questions, which will be elaborated on in a following section.

Quagents Implementation

Capture the Flag is implemented in Quagents using server modifications to automatically periodically log location data for all players. This data is timestamped and tagged with player ids. Quagents does not (currently) provide any analysis tools for this data, so it is left to the researcher to use the data as they see fit.

Future Work

A possible future research project for the Quagents system would be to try and learn a model for capture the flag using the logfile data, and implement this model into Quagent players. It would be interesting to examine the implications of any such model - how does it generalize? could the Quagent players act more effectively than human players? how would effective a hybrid team of Quagents and Players be? There is an opportunity for interesting collaboration research using this approach.

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