Year-End Letter Photo Gallery

Brooklyn, Dec 23-27 2005

Somebody's 60th birthday, give or take. Still trying to suss out the effects of available light, flash, special settings like "Candles"... all these available in higher resolution so if you want better copies let me know.

Christmas Digital Pix.

Kiawah Island, Dec. 7-15 2005

Somebody's 60th birthday. One's introduction to modern photo technology, so be gracious.

Birthday Digital Pix.

Suzanne's scanned pix from Kodak one-use camera and Liz & Michael's digital pix::

More Birthday Pix.

Probably around 1971

Ken Wedding

Grad School Buddies and Roommates at Ken and Merry Sevcik's Wedding, Somewhere in Southern CA CB and Bob

About same time, with Cousin Bob Lynn.

Christmas Day 2002, Canterbury St. Sidewalk, Rochester

City XC

This from the Democrat and Chronicle's story on Snow in Rochester (now THAT was news!).

Off to the races

They're off...sort of

Some of us are blasting off while others seem to wonder what time it is...

Lady Liberty at the Scare Fair

Come unto me, ye who are

Come unto me, ye who are
  heavy-laden... Stan I am...

A Mere Formality

Maybe we'll re-run the 2001/002 New Years' Eve party someday.

The Garden

Here's our back yard, Spring 2001, as seen by Suzanne.

Brother Tim

He's the one with the nose.

Sell NASA Short!

After a couple of bracing dexadrines, I'm ready to pilot the space shuttle to a successful emergency landing...

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