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Besides the usual local collaborators shown above, I was pleased and proud to host Joachim Denzler and his wife Carola for an extended stay in Rochester, which saw the birth of Corinna (featured in both pictures). Son Jonathan missed out on Americanization by virtue of being a bit too young. Joachim produced fine (and prize-winning) research results, referenced below.

Eileen's 40th Year at UR, 12 Oct. 2011

The Leen Tones

Graduation 2011

In Spring 2011 I heard a story at 0645 one sunday morning on "Inside Europe" (don't ask), about certain banned Scots football songs. They're banned at games because they incite violence and "sectarian hatred", it seems. I felt an immediate certainly that I'd discovered a superb department song: The Billy Boys. Wikipedia has a little article on the song.

Even though it turned out to be (if you went to the right summer camp) "Marching Through Georgia" (or "Hurray, Hurray, Hurray, they're hanging father" if you went to a camp like mine), it's a rousing combo of anthem and fight song.

The .mp4 below was ripped off of Youtube. It has since disappeared I gather, but the video gives a flavor of the spirit I'd like to see at the department.

Hello, Hello

Hello, Hello (We are the CS Crowd)

From al-Khwarizmi's roots we spring
A dozen centuries past,
Through Boole, Von Neumann, and Turing,
And still we're coming fast.

We've changed the world a million ways,
We're young, we're strong, we're proud--
All disciplines now sing our praise,
Cause we're the CS crowd: We are the CS crowd!

Hello! Hello! We are the CS crowd.
Hello! Hello! you'll know us cause we're loud.
Ever Better's what we got, 'til we got to be the best,
Cause we are the UR CS crowd.

repeat chorus

You physicists, you engineers,
You governmental powers,
We're lords of all your dreams and fears
You know your a** is ours.

We're everywhere, we're always there,
Empowered, well-endowed --
Without us you would be nowhere,
Cause we're the CS crowd: We are the CS crowd!

2x chorus, rpt last line.
CS Crowd Sheet Music (PDF)

The Billy Boys

Graduation 20 May 2012: The Algo-Rhythms

Piano/Guitar/Vocal: Randal Nelson
Guitar/Vocal: Ted Pawlicki
Bass/Vocal: Chris Brown
Girl Vocal: Marty Guenther
Boy Vocal: Jeff Bigham

Sound Recording: Suzanne Bell
Photography: Suzanne Bell


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