George Ferguson's Ultimate Page

George Ferguson's Ultimate Page

Ultimate is a non-contact sport played by two seven player teams. The object of the game is to score goals. The disc may only be moved by passing as the thrower is not allowed to take any steps. Any time a pass is incomplete, intercepted, knocked-down, or contacts an out-of-bounds area, a turnover occurs, resulting in an immediate change of possession of the disc. A goal is scored when a player successfully passes the disc to a teammate in the endzone which that team is attacking.
-- Introduction to the Rules of Ultimate

Ultimap Locator

Looking for ultimate anywhere in the world? Well look no further. The Ultimap Locator is a decentralized, unorganized, map-based, searchable database of Ultimate contacts. Check it out (please, check it out before emailing me).

Ultimate in Rochester, NY

Greater Rochester Area Disc Association

Player's Ultimate League (summer). Contact Ted Naylon Sr., (716) 377-5877, for more info.

Rochester, NY's homegrown talent: AfterShock, a.k.a. Fuschia Shock.

World Championships

2000 Worlds, Heilbronn, Germany.
Previous Worlds:
1999 World Clubs, St. Andrew's, Scotland.
1998 Worlds in Blaine, MN, USA.
1997 World Clubs in Vancouver, Canada.
1996 Worlds in Jonkoping, Sweden.
1995 World Clubs in Millfield, England.
1994 Worlds in Colchester, England.
1993 World Clubs in Madison, WI, USA.
1992 Worlds in Utsunimoya, Japan.
1991 World Clubs in Toronto, ON, Canada.
1990 Worlds in Oslo, Norway.
1989 World Clubs in Cologne, West Germany.
1988 Worlds in Leuven, Belgium.
1987 Worlds N/A.
1986 Worlds in Colchester, England.
1985 Worlds N/A.
1984 Worlds in Lucern, Switzerland.
1983 Worlds in Gothenburg, Sweden.

UPA and WFDF, or ``Rules? We don' need no steenking rules!''


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