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Marty Guenther
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Marty Guenther works for the Computer Science Department as Undergraduate Liaison. With Ted Pawlicki, Undergraduate Program Director, she advises students throughout their studies in CSC. Marty also meets with prospective students and their families to inform them about the curriculum, undergraduate research opporunities and life as a Computer Science student. She's the editor of the annual URCS department newsletter, and works with Ted Pawlicki to increase interest in computing by young women. Her normal office hours during the academic year are 8:30-5:00 Monday-Friday.

Marty is very devoted to her family, especially her grandchildren, Daniela (3/10/05) and Cameron (6/24/07).
Marty also has had a lifelong interest in photography and sewing (especially quilting), a more recent interest in gluten free cooking, and an on-again-off-again relationship with golf. She has taken many of the pictures used in the Computer Science Dept. web pages, the departmental brochure, the annual newsletter and also in the "24 hours at the University of Rochester" (a pictoral essay taken for the undergrad yearbook).


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Email to: marty@cs.rochester.edu

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