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  • wood toxicity table
  • abrasive grit sizes
  • toy safety information
  • woodworking and kids
  • Index to Fine Woodworking
  • Index to Woodsmith projects
  • TS-Aligner FAQ
  • everything you need to know about scrapers
  • sharpening notes from Ron Hock's page
  • Stripping paint
  • IRIS Forest Products Industry Directory
  • Woodweb - The Information Resource for the Woodworking Industry
  • Museum of Wood Working Tools
  • Directory of Forest Products, Wood Science and Marketing

    links to other wood related individual sites

  • W^5:WoodWorking on the World Wide Web - woodworking (and hiding) in the garage
  • Woodworking Photo Gallery - photos of a few projects
  • Paul's Woodworking page
  • Mike Sullivan's wood page
  • Jay's Woodworking Page - project/shop pictures
  • Woodworking in Western Montana
  • Woodjoint
  • The Oak Factory
  • The Electronic Neanderthal - Traditional Woodworking Resources
  • Tooling on the Web - Dedicated to tool lovers The Workbench Page

    the works of fine craftspersons

  • The Enchanted Forest
  • Steve Postma, Furnituremaker and Design
  • Woodcarvings by W.F. Judt - Relief Woodcarving Sculpture Art in Wood
  • Peter Lowe - Fine Wood Artist
  • Hamilton/Roberts Designs Woodworking
  • Salvatore Maccarone - Woodwork Designer, Craftsman, Author, Lecturer

    links to woodworking tool manufacturers

    links to woodworking catalog companies

    links to other wood related commercial sites

  • Curtis Lumber Company
  • H.A. Stiles Company (HASCO) - wood products - dowel, plugs, etc.
  • Sinan Company - environmental wood finishes
  • Hobby Hangar - Minicraft Precision Power Tools
  • Precision Sharpening Services Inc
  • Badger Hardwoods of Wisconsin - Hardwood Lumber
  • Blue Ox Hardwoods - Hardwood Lumber
  • Allied Bolt and Screw
  • LIBERON/Star Finishing Supplies
  • Thompson's Woodworking Safety Handbook
  • North Star Lumber
  • T&H Industries - wood molding specialists
  • Accuride - precision ball bearing slides
  • The Bonyman Jig - jig for curved moldings and oval picture frames
  • Haus of Hardwoods