CSC 252:
Computer Organization

Spring 2014

Course Description


Prof. Michael Scott, 715 CSB, x57745 <Michael Scott's email address>.
Office hours by appointment (send e-mail), or stop by whenever my door is open.

Grad. TA Shibo Wang, 401 CSB <Shibo Wang's email address>.
Office hours Mon. 11 am–noon and Thu. 9–10 am in CSB 727. 

Undergrad TA James Yuzawa,  <James Yuzawa's email address>.
Office hours Tue. 2–3 pm, Wed. 5–6pm, in Hylan 301. 

Undergrad TA Emily Eisenberg,  <Emily Eisenberg's email address>.
Office hours Mon. 5–6 pm, Tue. 5–6 pm, in Hylan 301. 

Lectures:  Tuesday and Thursday, 11:05 a.m. to 12:20 p.m., in CSB 209.

Details of specific assignments

1.  datalab (bit twiddling)
2.  the binary bomb
3.  the buffer bomb
4.  (skipped)
5.  tuning performance
6.  Unix shell
7.  dynamic storage management

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