CSC 299: Social Implications of Computing

Spring 2018

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Meetings:   Monday and Wednesday, 9:00–10:15 am, in Hylan 101. 


Prof. Michael L. Scott
Michael Scott's email address
Office:  Wegmans 3401, phone 275-7745
Office hours by appointment (send email), or stop by any time I’m in. 
Grad T.A. Lisa Jin
Lisa Jin's email address
Office:  Wegmans 3602
Office hours Tues. 11 am to noon and Thurs. 10 to 11 am. 
Undergrad (Take-5) T.A. Aurek Ransom
Aurek Ransom's email address
Office hours Mon. noon–1 pm and Thurs. 12:30–1:30 pm, both in Wilson Commons 103A (the Graphic Arts Suite—area with the couches). 


A Gift of Fire: Social, Legal, and Ethical Issues for Computing Technology,
fifth edition, by Sara Baase and Timothy M. Henry.  Prentice Hall, 2018. 
Please note: earlier editions will not suffice. 

List of possible topics for end-of-semester projects

Prof. Scott’s tips for formal writing

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