Lecture notes will be posted right after each class. I may also post preliminary lecture notes before the class, which may be updated after the class.
Note: Schedules are subject to changes, please check back frequently.

Date Lecture notes Readings
Sep 2, Wednesday Introduction Kurose/Ross (5e/4e) chapter 1, 2.7-2.8
Sep 7, Monday Labor Day
Sep 9, Wednesday Data link overview Kurose/Ross (5e/4e) 5.1-5.2
Sep 14, Monday Multiple access protocols Kurose/Ross (5e/4e) 5.3
Sep 16, Wednesday Ethernet Kurose/Ross (5e/4e) 5.4-5.5
Sep 21, Monday LAN Interconnect Kurose/Ross (5e/4e) 5.6-5.8
Sep 23, Wednesday Overview on network routing Kurose/Ross (5e/4e) 4.1-4.3
Sep 28, Monday More on network routing Kurose/Ross (5e/4e) 4.5
Sep 30, Wednesday The Internet protocol (IP) Kurose/Ross (5e/4e) 4.4, 4.6
Oct 5, Monday Fall break
Oct 7, Wednesday IPv6 and multicast routing Kurose/Ross (5e/4e) 4.7
Oct 12, Monday Transport layer overview and UDP Kurose/Ross (5e/4e) 3.1-3.3
Oct 14, Wednesday Reliable data transfer Kurose/Ross (5e/4e) 3.4
Oct 19, Monday TCP Kurose/Ross (5e/4e) 3.5
Oct 21, Wednesday Congestion control Kurose/Ross (5e/4e) 3.6-3.7
Oct 26, Monday Midterm
Oct 28, Wednesday Applications: HTTP, Email, and DNS Kurose/Ross (5e/4e) 2.1-2.6
Nov 2, Monday Peer-to-peer networks
Nov 4, Wednesday Overlay networks
Nov 9, Monday Wide-area content distribution
Nov 11, Wednesday Scalable Internet servers and load balancing
Nov 16, Monday Wireless communication links Kurose/Ross (5e/4e) 6.1-6.4
Nov 18, Wednesday Wireless networks Kurose/Ross (5e/4e) 6.5-6.8
Nov 23, Monday Guest lecture by Amal Fahad
Nov 25, Wednesday Thanksgiving recess
Nov 30, Monday Multimedia networking and QoS Kurose/Ross (5e/4e) 7.1-7.6
Dec 2, Wednesday Principles of network security Kurose/Ross (5e) 8.1-8.3
Kurose/Ross (4e) 8.1-8.4
Dec 7, Monday Network security in practice Kurose/Ross (5e) 8.4-8.8
Kurose/Ross (4e) 8.5-8.9
Dec 9, Wednesday Review