CSC 575: Intervention Strategies for Health Applications 


Health technologies have come a long way. Even using the sensors available in a cell phone, we can now track our heart rate, hemoglobin level, the severity of jaundice, or even monitor the progression of Parkinson disease. Now the next question is, how to do we go from prediction, tracking, and diagnosis of a condition to successfully intervene? How do we harness the data to further empower the end users to be in control of their health?
In this course, we will study the latest intervention strategies specifically in the context of health applications. Students are expected lead class discussions and complete a final project.

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M. Ehsan Hoque
Email: mehoque at cs
Office: Wegmans Hall #3013
Office hours: Tuesdays/Thursdays: 2-3 pm. Additional hours are available on request.


CSC 242, CSC 446 or the permission of the instructor. Lecture: T-Th: 9:40 am to 10:50 am


Final Project = 50% (Proposal 10%, Prototype 20%, Video 10%, Presentation 10%)
Lectures and class participation = (50%) (Present two lectures 30%, present on a machine learning toolkit 10%, actively participate 10%)


Date Topic Agenda Assigned Readings
8/31/2017 Introduction + syllabus + policy    
9/5/2017 Introduction to intervention strategies    
9/7/2017 Introduction to intervention strategies (cont)    

No class. Ehsan is away attending UbiComp

9/19/2017 Self Tracking Semi-Automated Tracking: A Balanced Approach for Self-Monitoring Applications
9/21/2017 Sleep A review of current sleep screening applications for smartphones
9/26/2017 Machine Learning toolbox exploration Wekinator  
9/28/2017 Machine Learning toolbox exploration Restricted Boltzman Machine Deep Belief Networks w/ sklearn, Affective Analysis  
10/3/2017 Machine Learning toolbox exploration Affectiva Analysis (cont), Spacy  
10/5/2017 Technology in Parkinson disease: Challenges and opportunities Guest lecture by Ray Dorsey

Fall break

10/12/2017 Stress Discussion led by Raiyan and Brooke
10/17/2017 Behavioral health promotion Discussion led by Kamrul and Anis
10/19/2017 Aging Guest lecture by Yeates Conwell
10/24/2017* Design for behavior change Discussion led by Samiha and Jesse
10/26/2017* Health games Discussion led by Rafayet and Lisa  
10/31/2017 Quantitative Electrocardiography Guest lecture by Jean-Philippe Couderc
11/2/2017 mHealth interventions Guest lecture by Tanzeem Choudhury
11/7/2017* Patient engagement Discussion led by Taylan Sen
11/9/2017* Patient participation in healthcare Discussion led by Raiyan & Rafayet
11/14/2017 Applications in Brain Injury Discussion led by Lisa, Jesse & Kamrul
11/21/2017* Social Network Interventions Guest lecture by Gourab Ghoshal

Thanksgiving break

11/28/2017 Applications in mental health Discussion led by Samiha and Brook
11/30/2017 Final project presentations    
12/5/2017 Final project presentations    
12/7/2017 Final Project showcase