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Wentao Cai

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Graduate Student

University of Rochester, Computer Science

Office: Wegmans Hall 3209

Email: Wentao Cai's email address

Hi there! I'm a first-year PhD student in System Group working with Prof. Michael L. Scott.

My interests are concurrency (parallel algorithms), persistency, transaction memory, and Naruto.

I got my B.E. degree at Xidian University in Xi'an, China, and was a MS student in CS at U of R.

Please reach me via email, or just catch me in my office!


I am TA-ing CSC 2/478 in Spring 2018.

Office Hour:
Friday, 11:00am-12:00pm

Spring 2018

CSC 480: Computer Models & Limitations

Fall 2017

CSC 456: Operating Systems

CSC 451: Advanced Computer Architecture

CSC 400: Graduate Problem Seminar

Spring 2017

CSC 458: Parallel & Distributed Systems

CSC 449: Machine Vision

Fall 2016

CSC 454: Programming Language Design & Implementation

CSC 447: Natural Language Processing

CSC 440: Data Mining


Interval-Based Memory Reclamation
Haosen Wen, Joseph Izraelevitz, Wentao Cai, H. Alan Beadle, and Michael L. Scott.
in 23rd ACM Symposium on Principles and Practice of Parallel Programming (PPoPP)
Vienna, Austria, Feb. 2018

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