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Michael L. Scott
Arthur Gould Yates Professor of Engineering
Computer Science Department
Hajim School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Rochester, NY 14627-0226
Michael Scott's email address
3401 Wegmans Hall
phone (585) 275-7745, 5478; fax 273‑4556

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2006 Dijkstra Prize in Distributed Computing
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2001 Goergen Teaching Award
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Press Release for the Java 6 SynchronousQueue


Research Projects

Programming Language Pragmatics, Fourth Edition

Shared-Memory Synchronization

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Published December, 2015

First edition copyright © 2000
Second edition copyright © 2006
Third edition copyright © 2009

Look for it in your favorite bookstore, or on-line.
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Published June, 2013

Download it from Morgan & Claypool,
or check your library for a series subscription.

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Current Graduate Students

Ph.D. Graduates

in the woods in Maine (Picture courtesy of Erin Scott)

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