CSC 2/454
Programming Language Design and Implementation

Fall 2023

Course Description


Prof. Michael Scott, 3401 Wegmans Hall, x57745, Michael Scott's email address 
Office hours (tentative): Monday 3–4 pm and Friday 3:30–4:30 pm, or by appointment (send e-mail).

Grad. TA:

UG TAs (workshop leaders):

Lectures:  Monday and Wednesday, 10:25–11:40am, in Wegmans 1400. 

Workshops:  These are mandatory.  You probably signed up for one during registration, but we’ll mostly be ignoring that. Instead, we’ll gather preferences at the beginning of the semester and balance across sections to accommodate time preferences and to keep group sizes as even as possible.  If you have an occasional unavoidable conflict, you can attend a different workshop, but please don’t hop around on a regular basis. 

Expectations and Policies

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