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picture of Edith Hemaspaandra and Lane A. Hemaspaandra
The professors Hemaspaandra (Edith of RIT-CS, left; Lane of URCS, right) in the Stratford Shakespeare Festival's costume warehouse

Lane A. Hemaspaandra

Note: Pre-marriage name = Lane A. Hemachandra.

Computer Science Department
University of Rochester
Rochester, NY 14627-0226
Email: ID = lane
DOMAIN = cs.rochester.edu
Phone +1-585-275-1203
Fax +1-585-273-4556

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picture of Lane A. Hemaspaandra holding a trident
Lane's first pointer, 1989
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B.S. (summa cum laude), Yale University, Computer Science and Mathematics & Physics, 1981.
M.S., Stanford University, Computer Science, 1982.
Ph.D., Cornell University, Computer Science, 1987.

Lane's interests include computational social choice theory, algorithms and complexity theory, and algorithmic game theory.


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