PhD student, Wasifur Rahman, in collaboration with BUET, wins UbiComp Distinguished Paper Award

September 21, 2020
Imagine being able to diagnose PTSD using a portable wearable neuro-headset and validating it with a standard PTSD questionnaire.
More than 1M Rohingya refugees now live at the shore of Bangladesh fleeing religious persecution from Mayanmar, making it one of the largest refugee camps in the world. Many of them have undiagnosed PTSD and have no way of seeking treatment.
Using a Bayesian model on the standard PTSD questionnaire, the team showed that good sleep quality can alleviate many of the PTSD symptoms. The team of researchers from Bangladesh validated their PTSD research on the Rohingya population. The paper was presented at UbiComp2019 by Wasifur Rahman, a 3rd year PhD Student, in collaboration with Farhana Shahid, Anika Binte Islam, Nipi Paul, Nabila Khan, Munir Haque, Saifur Rahman, Alim Al Islam.