Yiming Gan, URCS PhD, Assistant Professor @ ICT,CAS

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I graduated from Department of Computer Science at the University of Rochester. I am now an assistant professor at Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Please find my new website at yiminggan.com.

I work with Prof. Yuhao Zhu. Currently we are focusing on designing fast, reliable and energy efficient hardware for existing continuous vision and robotic applications. I'm also interested in robust deep learning and design automation. You are more than welcome to discuss topics related but not restricted to above perspectives via my email: ygan10@ur.rochester.edu or phone: 8054535772.

Before joining URCS, I got my Master's degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at University of California, Santa Barbara and my Bachelor's degree in School of Information and Electronics at Beijing Institute of Technology.


  1. Yiming Gan , Yuxian Qiu, Jingwen Leng, and Yuhao Zhu.
    SVSoC:Speculative Vision Systems-on-a-Chip In Computer Architecture Letters (CAL),2019
  2. Igor Fedorov, Marko Stamenovic, Carl Jensen, Li-Chia Yang, Ari Mandell, Yiming Gan , Matthew Mattina, Paul N. Whatmough.
    TinyLSTMs: Efficient Neural Speech Enhancement for Hearing Aids In INTERSPEECH 2020
  3. Yiming Gan , Yuxian Qiu, Lele Chen, Jingwen Leng, and Yuhao Zhu.
    Low-Latency Proactive Continuous Vision In 29th International Conference on Parallel Architectures and Compilation Techniques (PACT'20)
    Best Paper Nomination (4 of 35 from 135.)
    [Slides] [Talk]
  4. Yiming Gan * , Yuxian Qiu *, Jingwen Leng, Minyi Guo, and Yuhao Zhu. (*: co-first author.)
    Ptolemy: Architecture Support for Robust Deep Learning In 53rd IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Microarchitecture (MICRO'2020)
    [Slides] [Talk]
  5. Yiming Gan , Bo Yu, Boyuan Tian, Leimeng Xu, Wei Hu, Shaoshan Liu, Qiang Liu, Yanjun Zhang, Jie Tang and Yuhao Zhu.
    Eudoxus: Characterizing and Accelerating Localization in Autonomous Machines In 27th IEEE International Symposium on High-Performance Computer Architecture (HPCA-27)
  6. Weizhuang Liu*, Bo Yu*, Yiming Gan, Qiang Liu, Jie Tang, Shaoshan Liu, Yuhao Zhu. (*:co-first author.)
    Archytas: A Framework for Synthesizing and Dynamically Optimizing Accelerators for Robotic Navigation In 54th IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Microarchitecture (MICRO'2021)
  7. Yu Feng, Gunnar Hammonds, Yiming Gan, Yuhao Zhu.
    Crescent: Taming Memory Irregularities for Accelerating Deep Point Cloud Analytics In 49th International Symposium on Computer Architecture (ISCA) (ISCA'2022)
  8. Yiming Gan, Paul Whatmough, Jingwen Leng, Bo Yu, Shaoshan Liu, Yuhao Zhu.
    BRAUM: Analyzing and Protecting Autonomous Machine Software Stack In 33rd IEEE International Symposium on Software Reliability Engineering (ISSRE-22)
  9. Abhishek Tyagi, Yiming Gan, Shaoshan Liu, Bo Yu, Paul Whatmough, Yuhao Zhu.
    Thales: Formulating and Estimating Architectural Vulnerability Factor for DNN Accelerators In 29th IEEE International Symposium on High-Performance Computer Architecture (HPCA-29)
  10. Qiang liu, Yuhui Hao, Weizhuang Liu, Bo Yu, Yiming Gan, Jie Tang, Shao-Shan Liu, Yuhao Zhu.
    An Energy Efficient and Runtime Reconfigurable Accelerator for Robotic Localization In IEEE Transcations on Computers
  11. Yuhui Hao*, Yiming Gan*, Bo Yu, Qiang Liu, Shaoshan Liu, Yuhao Zhu. (*:co-first author.)
    BLITZCRANK: Factor Graph Accelerator for Motion Planning In 60th Design Automation Conference (DAC)

Working Experience

  1. Research Intern @ ARM, Machine Learning Group (06/19 ~ 09/19).
    Working on topics related to Network Architecture Search (NAS) on smart hearing applications.
  2. Research Intern @ Facebook, Reality Lab (08/20 ~ 12/20)
    Working on projects of software and hardware optimizations for dynamic sparse neural networks.

Workshops and Tutorials

  1. Tutorial on SoC Modeling and Infrastructure.
    Held in ASPLOS 2019, ISCA 2019 and IISWC 2018.
  2. Publicity Chair of FastPath 2021.
    Held in ISPASS 2021.
  3. Web Chair of RSS2: Workshop on Robustness and Safe Software 2.0.
    Held in ASPLOS 2021,ASPLOS 2022.

About me

I'm a die hard Lakers fan and I support AC Milan. I love reading and movies. I'm a big fan of Harry Potter series, both fictions and movies. I play League of Legends. The best TV series among my opinion is FRIENDS. I love photography and Alex Webb is one of my favorite photographers.


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