Morceli's 1993 Season - Reports
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Noureddine Morceli - 1993 Season Reports

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  Monaco: Monaco GP

Monaco GP

Monaco - August 7, 1993 - Morceli: 7:29.24 (3000)
Once again, Noureddine Morceli came oh-so-close to a World Record this season. In late June, he ran the No.2 1500 ever (3:29.20). Here at the Gatorade Herculis GP, he chased the 3000 standard, and ended up with a 7:29.24, second only to Moses Kiptanui's best of 7:28.96.

"The first kilometer was too fast," said Morceli of the 2:27.28 of rabbit Abdellah Begar of Morocco. Nonetheless the Algerian stayed close behind. As the rest of the field lost touch, he took command at 2000 (5:00.09) and hammered the last laps in solitude.

"If I had someone with me at the end, I would have had the record," he said of his 0.28 miss. "But I am still young. I am just 23."

Much of the attention Morceli received came not from the missed record, but from his statement that he might boycott the Worlds unless he is paid prize money. That came amid rumors that the IAAF has agreed to pay appearance money to certain individuals.

"I still haven't closed the door," clarified Morceli. "I have time before Stuttgart and will reflect upon the situation."

Behind Morceli, Brahim Jabbour took 2nd at 7:36.54, and then came the fastest mass finish in history, with best-marks-for-place for 4th through 14th. Marc Davis again impressed, taking 4th in 7:38.03, becoming the No.6 American ever.

Another near-miss ata record came in 11th place, as Ismael Kirui's 7:42.99 missed the WJR by a mere 0.06. He becomes the No.2 Junior ever. Matt Giusto ran a fine 7:43.15 in 12th. but afterwards said an achilles tendon injury might keep him from competing in Stuttgart.

- Tom Jennings, Track and Field News October 1993, p.22.
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