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Computer Science @ Rochester
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CSC170: Introduction to Computer Programming on the Web
Fall 2011

The course is a hands on introduction to computer programming using the JAVASCRIPT computer language in the context of web pages. You will learning to program a computer by writing web pages that include computer programs. Topics covered will include Web 2.0 concepts, web browser basics, XHTML, CSS, Javascript, computer systems architecture, etc.


Mondays & Wednesdays, 4:50pm - 6:05pm, Gavett 244


Ted Pawlicki <pawlicki at cs dot rochester dot edu>

Teaching Assistants

Anna Lypanof < annal at cs dot rochester dot edu >

Edie Hanson < ehanson at rochester dot edu >


Internet & World Wide Web How to Program, 4/e Harvey M. Deitel and Paul J. Deitel © 2008, (0-13-175242-1)

This book and previous editions are on reserve in Carlson Library.


The course will cover most of the material in most of Chapters 1 through 12 of the Deitel text. Evaluation will be based on completion of lab assignments.

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