Students Share Vision of FUTURE REALITY

December 15, 2022

room of students presenting posters
Students in CSC 216/416 present their projects in Studio X

Tuesday, students from Professor Zhen Bai’s CSC 216/416: AR/VR Interaction Design course shared their visions of future reality with the UR community in Studio X at the Carlson Library. This is a highly rewarding event that allows students to showcase their AR/VR systems, practice public speaking skills to a large audience, and celebrate their hard work as a team. It's also a fun event to raise awareness of AR/VR technologies for members of the UR community, and foster interesting conversation that may lead to future impact beyond the course. There was a wonderful turnout, and the students were eager to share their work. Projects ranged from addressing communication challenges to providing more accessible virtual spaces for creative designs that can be translated into real world products/spaces.  Professor Bai and her class want to give a big shout-out to Meaghan Moody - the Immersive Technologies Librarian at Studio X and her XR specialist team (Aleem Griffiths, Liam O’Leary, Muhammed El-Sayed, Haochen Zeng) for their kind support throughout the term!


  • AR Read Aloud: Thanothii Ganesh, Robin de Jong, John Moses, Graduate Students
  • AR Room Planner: Zhenhao Zhang, Yuze Wang, Haiyan Huang, Lichen Qin
  • Build!t VR: Dongbin Suh, Ryan ODell, Kelley Foley
  • City Break: Steven Burgos, Emanuel Koo, Diana Centeno
  • Communication Master: Fangyu Luo, Tianjie Shu, Woody Wu, Yifan Li
  • Phobigone: Ashley Yoon, Besmelh Alshaalan, Fiona Au, Kelly Thornton, Liam O’Leary
  • Shoeager: Annie Qiu, Boshen Yuan, Weijun Li, Yao Liu, Yibo He
  • TechCheck: LeeAnn Chu, Jules Stewart, Henry Mallon, Tong Tony Lai, Matthew Giles